Friday, July 9, 2010


In a spaceship
Faster than light
Time ceases to be

Ageless now
Thoughts intertwine
And will we ever meet again?

What do you think
When you are trapped
In a hurricane?
What do you feel
When you can't escape?

Squeaking rats
Just outside the window
Keep it close
And suffocate

Images communicate
Themselves to me
and I can't verbalize
What you are
So i condemn you
And you are not
You are naught
But still you insist
I'm just a lousr painter
I'm just a bad writer

One more sand grain
Still lost
In the whirlwind
Of timelessness


Brian Miller said...

well you have no worries about being a lousy painter or writer....caught in a hurricane..i know that seems there may be more here i am missing but...

Oddyoddyo13 said...

How you feel when you're trapped...*shivers* Not good, I can tell you.

This was fabulous-so different than what you used to write.

RJ said...

I can relate well to this feeling. If only it would land on a moment you don't wish to end instead of what you describe here.

Jingle said...

best wishes.
powerful message.

steveroni said...

Excellent! Maha, What you might be saying here, you say so well--grin! I have long thought there is no such quality of the universe called "time". But, the proof? Poof!

Trapped, yessss, many places, but mainly in my own mind, that steel trap--won't let anything in, nor anything OUT! And the rats ARE real--grin again!

Is it a thought? " (who) are naught"

You are anything and everything EXCEPT "lousy painter" or "bad writer", Maha--and you should humbly KNOW that!

And the ending--OH! Greatness!

(I do not like the adjective "bad" in front of "writer'..something else fits there: "...lousy painter
horrible writer."???)

Sorry I'm preaching what I never practice--you've heard of guys like that!

Awesome piece, like I'd expect from you, Ma'am.....If I am too rude for you, please correct me in Email, OK?--grin!

Susan Deborah said...

Is that a paean of the innermost crevices. I hope it is not but just a poetic meandering of the soul.
But don't they say what comes out is from within. The feeling almost makes one unable to move: mentally and spiritually. I know it too well. But even that shall pass.

Joy always,

Magpie said...

I, like Brian, feel I'm missing a bigger message here. Lots being said. I'll read and read it again.

Sumit Sarkar said...

You are a great writer. I lked the first 3 paragraphs very much. I can relate to them. The last para is also very good.

keep writing. :)

Mr. Stupid said...

This was a great piece of writing. Enjoyed it as always. I agree with Brian.
Have a nice day, Maha...:)

sabine cara said...

that's pretty intense stuff, but I love it.

xx scarzz

Lu Ann said...

Something I am sure of is... you are SOO NOT a bad writer.

:) Loved it

Lu Ann said...

yep... ive been trapped in a huriacane too! and Ive suffocated because of letting the window shot.

Dulce said...

I was really missing you wrote in verse.

Painful and powerful, as always... I started to feel anxious and kind of suffocated .. few people can get that far as i read them. You do.
A bad writer? No way girl!