Monday, July 26, 2010


In my latest post which was a poem I accidently deleted, I wrote that it was written by my 12 year-old cousin. Sorry to say that it was written by me when I was 12; I believed that all the stuff I wrote back then were real bad that's why I was afraid to say it was mine. I am very sorry for doing that and hope that you'd accept my apology :)
Here's the poem:

In love with you
Without any plan it comes
And I start thinking of you
My soul it haunts
No I can't let go
I see you whenever I close my eyes
I know I fell my heart never lies
I hear your voice whispering in my ears
Erasing all my fears
In your touch I feel so secure
 For all my pains you are the cure
 They say there is no magic
Then tell me what love can be
In every place I see your eyes
In your eyes I see me
On our hearts it put a spell
So simply in it we fell
It was so strong
I could not resist

I lived every song
My dreams I felt

I don't care for the others
They don't feel the fire of us the lovers
I'm not afraid of tomorrow
As long as you are with me
I have my light to follow
You are my destiny
You are the one my life is about
I love you
I don't have a doubt
You are my wildest fancy
Better you are true
You came and stole my heart
I didn't know what to do
Then I found myself
Falling in love with you


sheri said...

wow, maha, this could hardly be the work of a twelve year old but i believe you when you said that it was. your prose smacks of someone much older, and more experienced than i hope you are ;) i can only imagine you busting this world wide open when your words become a delight that the whole world can partake of!

Sam Liu said...

This is has a beautiful melodic rhythm to it, Maha. It is a testament to your amazing talent that you could produce such brilliant poetry at only 12 years old.

Brian Miller said...

i am glad you owned your words...
and i still stand by what i said have wonderful understanding of emotion and feeling for one your have a briliant future ahead of you in writing...

Desert Rose said...

If that was you when you were twelve,then i can understand how brilliantly you write now!!
too beautiful Maha..really you are very talented! hats off! :)))

THE BEATY said...

wow nice experiment to see weather people wold react the same if they thought you were someone different. Didn't read all the comemnts did they react differently?

THE BEATY said...

also just noticed the new backround nice

dulce said...

Oh love love love... is there anything more beautiful to write about?
I doubt it and you share that with all of us so well!

PS I like your new background but preferred the other one (just my opinion...)
Sweeter hug


Maha said...

I too think the other one is better, but, I just get too bored with it and thought I might change it for a while

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Don't be ashamed of anything you write-yeah, it can be embarrassing or flawed, but at the time it was brilliant, and that was still brilliant.

So yeah. :)

sheri said...

i don't usually leave two comments but i'm living dangerously in my older age ;) tried to email you but i have to switch over to outlook and that's just not going to happen.
thank you for the very sweet compliment :) i was somehow afraid to post my real nose never looks right no matte how much i try to tape it down ;) it's funny that you imagined me short...i'm actually 5'7" which is almost tall for a girl. in comparision, my husband is 6'6" i guess i am short if i'm standing next to him ;) you are such a beautiful person and although none of us needed to know that it was you who wrote this superb piece, you still shared your heart...a speaker of truths!!

Magpie said...

I understand how sometimes it is hard to own up to something we've written. I think we can be our own worst critics. It sounds so much like you, that I'm not surprised.

Felicitas said...

This is such a sweet poem, Maha! Knowing that it was written by you at the age of 12 brings me back to that time (too many years ago) in my own life when I was a romantic young girl, as well - though not as talented as you by far.

Eva said...

It is a lovely poem and nothing to be embarrassed about. I wish I was writing brilliant things when I was 12. I love the new blog layout btw.

Susan Deborah said...


This is a very intimate piece which can be seen as a tribute for love itself. But I still cannot get over the fact that a 12 year old wrote it. As many others mentioned you are very talented and you know the art of making words bow down to you.

Keep writing.

Joy always,

Bernie said...

Apology accepted and I feel you have become a better person for it. Not to us but to yourself. Big Hugs from Canada.......:-)

Shadow said...

words heal, whether written or spoken. thank you for sharing. your writing is very very good!

steveroni said...

I just sit here at 1 AM shaking my head in awe at your talent, imagination, command of language, and communication expertise.
Brava. Brava.