Monday, July 19, 2010

Strangers' Love

“Does it matter when you don’t care?”
The staircase shook under your feet, or maybe it was all in my head.  Wisps of your electric blue hair swayed with your care-free movements around the wrecked house. And I, quietly, sat on the ground.
“Does it matter when you don’t care?” you repeated.
“Nothing matters,” I said leaning my head on one side to take in your walking that resembled dancing in many ways.
“You are right, nothing ever matters”
“Do you believe in forever”
‘I belieeeeve…,”  you stopped on one step of the staircase shifting all your body’s weight on one leg while your eyes diverted to the right, “that…maybe, just maybe I’ll live long enough to witness my wedding.”
“You never told me that you wanted to get married.”
“Of course I want to get married,” you said matter-of –factly still dancing, “All women want to get married.”
“But, I think you told me you were different”
“You know what, I don’t know”
“Then you shouldn’t have told me so”
“And what do you think?”
“You think I’m special?”
“Well, I’ve met you only three hours ago and somehow, you managed to make me break into a house, so I think in that you are very special”
“C’mon, this thing has been abandoned foe years”
“Still, it’s not ours”
“Blah blah blah, haven’t you ever done anything crazy?”
“I’m with you, isn’t that enough?”
  All the while, your eyes never fell on me. Soon, I realized that wouldn’t make any difference; the light came out of the window at a direction that made it impossible to be the contrary. But I thought that maybe  you could see metoo, like what happens with the moon and Earth.
“What are you thinking,” you said, now moving in circles.
“I think that we should get married.”
“Why not? We agreed that nothing matters.”
“Ohh,” you said almost groaning, “You are so pathetic.”
“And you are so wrong”
    I made out a sound of footsteps that only kept on getting closer and closer.
“Who do you think that is?” I asked.
“Didn’t you hear the footsteps”
  For a moment you stopped dancing and looked me in the eye, or so I thought, it was too dark to tell.
“It’s nothing,”  you said feigning recklessness and then the tone of your voice changed adapting panic, “just the owners of the house!”
I too panicked. “What should we do then”
We jumped out of the window  pushing our legs as fast as our bodies allowed. After some time, we both halted gasping for air. I sat on the ground and felt beads of cold sweat under my coat which made me take it off while your back was bent and the hair half-hid your face. The second we looked at each other, we were thrown into a fit of hysterical laughing.
I stood up, put my hands in my pockets. You looked surprised and somewhat sad.
“Where are you going?”
“Aren’t you gonna watch the sunrise with me?’
“I’m just too tired.” A yawn came aiding me. I stretched my arms and rubbed my eyes.
Still sitting, your face looked more serious than I  had ever seen it.
“Will you remember me.”
With the same seriousness I replied, “Forever.”
“Well then goodbye,” you said, already looking away.
“Yeah goodbye”


Kay said...

now those are the memories, thoughts, of a 15 year old... just not, worded so....

way to take one back to careless free love! :)

Maha said...

oh, I intended it to be like you said, "careless, free love" but I had 30 year-olds in my head; I think when these stuff happen with adults they are more, you know, magical. I never really base anything on teens.

dianne said...

That was both intriguing and engaging Maha, you have a great imagination. xoxo ♡

Brian Miller said...

we once broke into a friends house and set the tabe with the fine china, then left them to discover it in the morning...loved doing crazy stuff at that age....i too was thinking teens because well older people lose that element of daring to enter someones much to lose. if they were older and you wanted that to play out you would need give that away somehow, though i do find that knwong that it spins the piece differently....

"foe"...misspelling? accent?

Vencora said...

when i read that i just assumed they were around my age, as it kinda reminds me of a night i had recently (less breaking and entering, more trespassing). i would never have been so daring at 15. i think those of us who are timid as teenagers develope a stronger rebelliousness and need for adventure later in life.

Kaleidoscope Girl said...

Wonderful post, the dialogue is great. :)


Magpie said...

You were able to take us into that house with them. It sounds like an adventure I would have enjoyed. Great job!

RA said...

I liked the feeling of this. :)

THE BEATY said...

I'm glad to see you've gotten over your writers block. In fact I feel like your writing has actually improved as a result. On another note you acyually play a suprisingly large role in my comic. I needed someone who seemed sane next to my main characters and you fit the bill.

Susan Deborah said...

Enjoyed reading the comments, you know. Sometimes after the delightful post, comes the comments as an extra bonus. Something on the lines of "Buy one, get one free."

Strange as everyone is referring to age, I did not think of age but was wondering about the gender. Could it be a woman and a woman or a man and a man. Well, it could be. Love is love anyway.

A nice episode that seemed out of the pages of memory.

Maha, do you always have an age in mind when you write fiction or any other creative pieces? Curious, I reckon.

Joy always,

steveroni said...

MAHA, I pictured this couple, new lovers of the hour, exploring one another's brain. She, about 65...he, about 70. NOT a memory, other than occurring, maybe "last night".

And I hope they stay that way, no intention of injuring anyone, but just being CRAZY! THAT, I can understand. THAT,

dulce said...

This could happen at any age... it all depends on how silly, mature, stupid, smart one is...

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Remembering those things forever...feels like such a huge promise for some reason.

Eva said...

Wow, Maha. I am in awe of the words you've spoken there. It made sense to me in so many ways. Those small times and small things that don't make sense, yet mean the world, and they stay with us forever. I loved this.

Shadow said...

we all have someone like that in our memories...

Nada Ahmed said...

It's been a while since the last time I visited your blog :). Your imagination is magical indeed,and your way of telling things is adorable. Way to go, I loved it.