Sunday, February 28, 2010


Random Patterns
Indefinite lines
Grey Waves
Far far away
Is devouring me
Can’t fight
Can’t fight the tides
I’m caving in
With no will or strength
To stand again
Pull me up
Or let me
Die here alone
My mind
Tired of figuring out the past
Is giving in to the unknown

Friday, February 26, 2010

Peace Be Upon Him

Fifteen Centuries ago, the most perfect of human beings was born.

Peace Be Upon Him 

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Theme Thursday: Bottle

The Bottle Never Fell

The Earth had just started the thirteenth hour of its revolution around the sun this day. The Christ had been born 1994 years ago.
Your hair was neatly wrapped in the rubber band, except for one lock that escaped it and glided gracefully on one side of your face. The flour covered your blue apron and the long fingers of your hand. Your head tilted towards me with a smile that disappeared as fast as it made its first appearance. Horror abruptly colored your face, as your hands unintentionally pushed the bottle from its place on the verge of the table.
The bottle never fell. Its fragments never covered the floor. The milk in it never varnished our kitchen floor. We never ate that cake. The Earth never completed its rotation around the Sun.
We managed to rebel on the rigid rules of time; steal one second of it and make it forever ours. Somewhere, everything remained unchanged; frozen. 

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Friday, February 19, 2010

The Telephone

Her weary body fidgets uncomfortably in the big arm chair in the living room.  A glance towards the wall where the clock is hung tells her its 12:43. Fine creases between her eyebrows are formed and she forces herself to look away. She endeavors to direct all her concentration towards the-not-so-serene sound of her breath. In and Out. In and Out. In and Out.
And then she fails.

Soon enough, she finds herself hovering on the edges of sleep, as though strong magnets are pulling her body and making sleep more and more inducing. But no. She opens her eyelids and slowly gets on her feet and heads for the kitchen. She makes herself coffee using the espresso machine and then pours it into her favorite cup while staring unseeingly at the darkness outside the window. 
And then the phone rings.

She runs as fast as her legs allow after throwing the cup on the mahogany table beside the kitchen's entrance. Half way through, she stumbles and falls. She curses under her breath and runs some more. Finally, she  gets it. Almost breathless she picks it up and answers. She sighs heavily; it was a wrong number.
And then, she gets back to her chair.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Broken Tones

You start the engine and slowly fade in the distance, or was it all in my head? Did you just fly out of my life but I wanted to see the moment in slow motion? The wind erases the car traces bereaving me of the only proof I got of  you being real.

I am losing you, and with you I'm losing part of myself till no longer know what's left of me with you gone. A ghost I've become; seeing everything, always failing to be touched. I am a rock that refuses to move in the stream of life; a life with no you in it.

The walls of the room held back the sounds of our reckless laughter, echoing it back at me here, echoing it back at me now. It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, knowing that it's the weak voice of memory I'm hearing.

You are stealing me, stealing my every living moment as you so easily break the locks of my mind, and once again take away my freedom of thought. You are in my head. You are welcome.

I spend my life seeing endless scenarios of your life without me in them, certain that you do the same. That's the only place we meet: in thought.


The chords of my violin are cut.

And when I play

I hear broken tones

I'm not empty

Just full of voids



Friday, February 12, 2010

Little girl

Little girl,
Search as you might
There ain't no road to find
Mere traces of an old life
You won't leave behind

Curl yourself up
Cry your eyes out
Watch the sun as it fades
In the horizon
And then follows
A lonely night

Run to your bed
Full speed ahead
Burry yourself
In a timed tomb
Pleased that it's all
Come to an end

And then comes the mornimg
A pesky alarm announces
Totter to your mimmor
The far end of the room
Raise your hands to your face
Trace the creases
Devouring your forehead

One more day has passed

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Before You Fade

One minute gone

Eternity waiting ahead

A perpetual today


With no end

Hear my broken whimpers

I’m lying in the abyss

The light of my shadow

My muted screams

An extinct volcano

Burning its walls

A hollow being

A body with no soul

Search for me

Not in the words

I’m hanging in between

I’m the unwritten

The story untold

I’m the lovely fa├žade

Of hatred

But blame me not

My loud whispers

That once were silent tears

Echoing in the mountains

Where no one hears

Touch this heart of mine

Once before you fade

For I’m not sure it still beats.



Sunday, February 7, 2010

Winds Of Life

Life, tell me are you fair

For I can see you now unjust

To those who are my air

Your winds tear us apart


Through the lands of pain

They force us to travel

Each alone in his way

But we have our memories

Upon them we dwell

Every night and every day


With joy and grief smiles and tears

Our memories we engrave

To face the darkness of our fears

They are the light we crave


Yesterday we were but frail

But now we are the strongest of souls

Through life’s river we sail

And meet when our eyes we close