Sunday, February 7, 2010

Winds Of Life

Life, tell me are you fair

For I can see you now unjust

To those who are my air

Your winds tear us apart


Through the lands of pain

They force us to travel

Each alone in his way

But we have our memories

Upon them we dwell

Every night and every day


With joy and grief smiles and tears

Our memories we engrave

To face the darkness of our fears

They are the light we crave


Yesterday we were but frail

But now we are the strongest of souls

Through life’s river we sail

And meet when our eyes we close



Brian Miller said...

a beautiful snapshot fo the journey...sail away...sail away...

Jen said...

beautiful... I love visiting your blog, it's so relaxing!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow the imagery this piece conjurs up is powerful! I loved it!

Anonymous said...

That was very beautiful. Not to sound repetitive of everyone else. XD I was wondering where you'd been. I missed reading your blog.

Felicitas said...

Yes, the travails of life do make us stronger, but having the support of those close to us, shedding light in the darkness, is what helps pull us through it. Beautifully expressed!

dianne said...

Very beautiful dear Maha, powerful imagery, so too the photo. xo ♡

Anonymous said...

This was really beautiful! Thanks for sharing. :o)

Maha said...

Hey Gavin, thanks for visiting :)
I was having my exams and that made it quite impossible for me to write anything.

Raj said...

now that was definitely awesome.
heres why i feel that,

the first para talks about distance. distance in closeness.

the next upon the journey we take to diminish that distance although we may not know it.

the third about motive. why we travel when there is no need to. it is purely unintentional but we can stop any moment we want but we don't.

and the final about destiny.

its a complete piece unlike many that float around.
it has a start and an end. ravishing to the senses in the true meaning of the word.

ps: u din mention in ur profile that other than reading, u write so well too. :P

Phoenix said...

Oooh...I love this poem. Beautiful! Nice to (cyber) meet you and I'm glad you found my blog :) As a fellow Gemini, I salute your ever-changing personalities!