Sunday, February 28, 2010


Random Patterns
Indefinite lines
Grey Waves
Far far away
Is devouring me
Can’t fight
Can’t fight the tides
I’m caving in
With no will or strength
To stand again
Pull me up
Or let me
Die here alone
My mind
Tired of figuring out the past
Is giving in to the unknown


Claire said...

this giving in is sometimes a good place to be. it has steered me into places of freedom.

Susan said...

The past is out of our control. We only have hold on the now and future. I've been there with the need to be pulled up. Great piece!

Kay said...

blank can be good, reinventing the now. beautiful write.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

"Tired of figuring out the past"

You're an amazing writer.

Brian Miller said...

having that blank page is not a bad place to start...find you some color though and paint it vibrant...

Tamarind~ said...

Fabulous.. there is longing lingering somewhere with the shades of pangs! Amnesia.!Last lines haunts!

♥ Braja said...

Perfect photo match....I was drawn to your name, it the Sanskrit meaning you're using?

magnoliaamber said...

I wish I could give you strength! But I am in no position to help you. Usually, it just suddenly comes. But I wish it would come quicker.

Indefinite lines give me headache, Maha. But be strong!

have a nice day:)

Magpie said...

Very insightful and in touch with your feelings. Also very sad...this is a good place to start making bright, vibrant memories. You write beautifully!

Craftsman of light said...

My past has taught me so much...i have learnt to drop so much . yet there are somethings i still struggle with...i think i need more time to reconcillate!
From last summer onwards i have been caving in, suffering the absence my soul mate.

Yet, i find refuge and joy in universal love.
i think life is so beautiful....and the unknown is so wonderful!
The taste of freedom melts on my tongue.
Your poem reminds me of the growth process.
Thankyou Maha...keep growing,

You are big enough to hold the sky!



The Muse said...

Thank you so for the uplifting words you left me on "Git'er Done"

I decided to come and read more of your work rather than just the magpie...i am so glad i did.

for your words are painted with a soulful brush!