Thursday, February 18, 2010

Broken Tones

You start the engine and slowly fade in the distance, or was it all in my head? Did you just fly out of my life but I wanted to see the moment in slow motion? The wind erases the car traces bereaving me of the only proof I got of  you being real.

I am losing you, and with you I'm losing part of myself till no longer know what's left of me with you gone. A ghost I've become; seeing everything, always failing to be touched. I am a rock that refuses to move in the stream of life; a life with no you in it.

The walls of the room held back the sounds of our reckless laughter, echoing it back at me here, echoing it back at me now. It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, knowing that it's the weak voice of memory I'm hearing.

You are stealing me, stealing my every living moment as you so easily break the locks of my mind, and once again take away my freedom of thought. You are in my head. You are welcome.

I spend my life seeing endless scenarios of your life without me in them, certain that you do the same. That's the only place we meet: in thought.


The chords of my violin are cut.

And when I play

I hear broken tones

I'm not empty

Just full of voids




dianne said...

That is so beautifully composed and written Maha. It is sad when we lose part of our self to the one we want,the one who is rejecting us but still steals their way into our thoughts and we relive moments with them and without and the only place we meet is in our thoughts when we want so much to be with them. xo ♥

Brian Miller said...

dang, that verse at the end is smokin'. nicely done.

magnoliaamber said...

so evocative! Thank you for following me, I shall follow yours too!

I love your writing, please write more!

Magpie said...

Absolutely astounding. You are such a deep thinking and feeling individual. Lovely.

Nahla said...

beautiful <3 love

Oddyoddyo13 said...

How amazing. You're constantly a joy to read. Keep going, you've got a beautiful "voice".

Sara said...

Hello :)

Maha said...

Hey there Sara!