Sunday, May 23, 2010

Her Eyes Were Green

   And it still marvels me love, when lies are spoken by your lips, they are as honest as truth is.
   One day you told me your secret. Ushering me to the heart of woods, when Earth still slept, you walked. Insomniac owls echoed our footsteps.  You sat me down on the shreds of broken branches. And then moved two lines of dead roses, your mouth speaking of your hidden depth.
   “When melancholy creeps between your ribs, you either wish for felicity to come or death to take you.”
“And what chose you?”
“Neither. I wish to not exist; for after this life there comes a life, and at the notion of again being alive, I flinch.”
“And can you not exist?”
“It hurt to be imprisoned by an existence in which you had no choice. But you can pretend. I feign life so when they look at me, you think you see a soul, while I am nothing but a ghost”
“So do tell me love, for hope when it’s all so hopeless kills, do you love me still?”
“And to you, what is love?”
“Love is when you talk in metaphors”
“Love is when you don’t talk at all”
“ Love is when a gravity pulls you towards a hole, and not knowing the grounds of it, you jump.”
“Love is when you regret falling, but have no strength to climb”
‘Love is when you are warm”
“Love is when you burn”
“Love is when you are freefalling”
“Love is when you lose the ability to choose”
“Love is when you forsake material”
“Love is when you walk, blindfolded, stumbling and hurting, for you can’t see material at all”
“Love is when you are born in parallel dimensions”
“Love is when you are dead on the grounds of truth”
“Plato said, ‘At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet’”
“And I say at the touch of love everyone becomes a slave”
“Love is a great magician”
“Love is a great tyrant”
You put my hands over your heart and whispered, “Can you carry it for me; it’s become so heavy I can’t breathe anymore”
So green and raw your eyes were. But now you walk, lids half closed,with the weight of  truth. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

To Be

The right hemisphere
Contradicts with that
On the left and whence born
Is your head
Two eyes see in black
And white images
Collide double vision
Is blinding you
Forever see the world
In grey

The mistake that is
You wrong from head
To toe search
For answers within
Questions opening
Lost in the million
Facts all are true

The halo around your
Soul ever muffling
The voices of others reducing
Them to useless whisper you
Often choose not
To hear

Yourself is no individual
Smash your skull to
Be part of a greater
We are all one
Big lie and you will

Figured I couldn't be away for too long so I wrote this poem that perfectly describes my  day, my life I mean

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sinners of Dreams

   Tears of a thousand constellations collide falling down on my melting bones. Screams of thunder pierce my ears as the world looks at me in reproach burning my skin with their gazes. I want to elude and whisper in dreams. I want to escape to my head and hide within the cage of my skull. But I no longer own that place.
  You said my words made little sense to you, like I was talking about someone else. But, you sought me in the words and I do not linger in there. I’m the silent sigh between the lines uttered by your lips; I’m the images burnt with in the creases of your brain; I’m the bitter taste left in your mouth; I’m the volcano of feelings erupting between your ribs. Can you see me now?
   Under layers of black, there lie thousand shades of dead colours. Wrench me out of the colorlessness and take me on the swing set swaying between heavens and Earth. We always wake up and find it today; we are always living this hour, this moment, this second. And the second is an ephemeral form of eternity holding us prisoners. Time is constant and we are variables. Well, not in the beating organ between my ribs. Not in the few inches within our skulls. You taught me how to rebel on reality with the thoughts that are not bound to it. You taught me how conquer time by being beyond it. But you never taught me what would happen when life expel you. For sanity in a world of insanity is insanity. And the cost of life is your head.

I won't be blogging for the next three weeks; I'll be having tests. I'll miss you all until then. See you soon!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Death Sings in Our Ears

 Drown with me in the heart of an old song that has no story but two who swore to let their souls be carved by melodies. It doesn’t have to be great, just sing along and let it seep and reach you under the skin.
 You told me not to fight death when it comes, just let it kiss my soul gently and I won’t have to feel a thing. You told me to count to three and it would all be over. But I was not ready yet.
 The shades of grey colored our world and we no longer had definite lines of black and white to guide us. Wherever our hearts pointed, we followed. We smashed the rules of life and threw it behind us. We were no rebellions, we were just lovers.
Now close your eyes and let our fingers intertwine. Clasp my hands tightly and let my bones break into yours. The words melt on the bridge of our lips so our souls whisper them

Monday, May 10, 2010

Knowing Ignorance

 Strings twist them selves around my lungs, squeezing the air out of them. Is that what life is all about, breathing? Then I have been long dead.
Had it always been like that? I cannot recollect how it felt to be happy. Is it because I’d never been happy, or because today erases yesterday? Words written on paper can be altered by simply crossing them, but when you turn the paper to the other side, you can feel the old words pulsing like a heart; they never really went away. You did.
Questions need answers. Answers are more questions. More questions never end. So is knowledge only a mean to no-end? Close your eyelids and the light will challenge them to open. Open your eyes and the pain will force them to be shut again. And between those two states,  you recollect the few moments when you wake up, not knowing a thing, not knowing you didn't know a thing.  Pray to be taken back to the darkness; the darkness of a womb, the darkness of sleep, the darkness of your heart, the darkness of a grave. Give in to ignorance.
You wish you never knew. You wish you never knew……….

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Between your Eyes

   Bombard my head with words I do not understand then enjoy the flash of ignorance flickering in my eyes. Let your facts weave themselves around my cranium leaving no place for my thoughts.
   You said I am bizarre, I’m not like others, I’m not “normal.” But what is normal? There’s no normal or abnormal, there is only a set of adjectives varying from one person to the other that he tends to describe as normal. And to you I am not. You said it’s a fact my eyes are green.  But there are no facts.  Facts are delusions based on doubts we prefer not to trigger. Facts are nothing in an abstract world. Facts are only lies. There is only a world of shredded emptiness we patch up with our words then come and call the “facts” for we fear thinking, we fear questioning.  And what is green? What is green to you? What’s green to me? What is green to them? We may all be seeing different colors and think they are the same. In what colors do you see me? I wish I could see myself through your eyes. I wish I could.
    How often you talk about the past as though it was one past, not a million past, not a false past. Past is a loose word. Past is yesterday. And yesterday is eternity. Yesterday we were together, but we cannot recollect the same past. Because we are not the same people. You are you, and I am me.
    Hasn’t occurred to you that the entire universe may only be existing in our eyes? Turn the lights off and what do you see? Nothing. Nothing but the darkness. But you then told me you can feel things. True. But you are more often taken aback by your blindness to bother. It scares you to be in there. It scares you to be in that place where emptiness shows the most. You focus on that string of voices and draw images in your head of what things may look. You are unbound by truths that are lies. You are free of seeing, but eventually, you see nothing. What color are my eyes now? Black. And when I change the light a little…? Blue. And when I open it? Green. So, truths are not stable, they change with our vision. They change with our eyes. And between your two eyes, there lies a world. Discover this world and before you die, discover that there is only really nothing. Nothing but the darkness. Nothing but you and me. Nothing but a beating heart. Nothing but ravenous eyes. Nothing but false truths.  Nothing but labels.  Nothing but nothing

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Thursday, May 6, 2010


Your oneness is gone as you thrust your heart between my ribs and let it beat the same. Solidity is forsaken. We melt into each other then slither down the cliffs of solitude.  The violins of night sing their melody. My body loses half of its soul and wanders again in its desolate self. Alone.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One Tear

   It is not unlike stopping midsentence after forgetting what you intended to say. You squeeze your eyes shut in an effort to remember. But you do not and you never will. And it is not unlike rummaging the ashes for a piece of paper. You get shreds of incomprehensible words and you try to find the connection, but fail miserably. This is how I forgot life; and how I tried to recollect it.
    The pristine layer falls, one tear at a time. And I cannot hinder it. My eyes lose their innocence and are naked, lifeless, powerless. They look a lot but scarcely ever see.  I have become blind.a
    The invincible walls of the bubble restraint me. Then my heart is suffused with them until I become a walking prison. I cannot think. I cannot hear. I cannot see. And I cannot feel. Life is wrung out of my body and the last traces of it are rinsed by apathy. I try not to further lose myself. I try to hold on to whatever remained, but there’s nothing left. Nothing at all.
     Don’t look when I cry. Don’t listen when I whimper; you only kill me more. Pass me by as I writhe on the ground. I am the nothingness mingling with air. I am the dead in the world of living.
Stop the tears from fallin’
One tear at a time
HOPES suffocate
hopes suffocate…….

Sunday, May 2, 2010

At the Heart of The Crystal

     We lingered between millions of refracted rays magnifying our miniature entity. We were big in their eyes. But in truth, we were nothing but fatigued refugees seeking shelter in the heart of a cold world that had abandoned us. However, they could never see. We were grand and petite simultaneously.
      Pain underlaid our faces digging its creases deep into our soul; a broken window offering a decaying view of our hearts. But to them we were still great. Instead of seeing what lay before them, their eyes were shapeable, malleable to whatever truth the minds wanted to perceive. They couldn’t get to us. There was always glass standing between our world and theirs. And between the glasses there were lies. And within the lies there were convoluted facts.  And inside the facts there was nothingness. And with nothingness we were suffused.
     We were perpetually lonely. Our souls took that form. But that never hurt. All we wished for was to be alone, away from the million nostrils sucking our air and leaving us suffocating.  Away from the sun that burnt our skin. Away from the words rendered unheard.  Away from the tongues that murdered truth. Away from the swords slicing our hearts to pieces. Away from everything and everyone. If it was what it took, demolish the shining crystal. Disperse its pieces among the corners of Earth so they wouldn’t put them back together.  Let them see the small tarnished hearts barely beating. Let them see who we always were. But even then they wouldn’t shun us. They would completely destroy whatever remained. 

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