Tuesday, May 18, 2010

To Be

The right hemisphere
Contradicts with that
On the left and whence born
Is your head
Two eyes see in black
And white images
Collide double vision
Is blinding you
Forever see the world
In grey

The mistake that is
You wrong from head
To toe search
For answers within
Questions opening
Lost in the million
Facts all are true

The halo around your
Soul ever muffling
The voices of others reducing
Them to useless whisper you
Often choose not
To hear

Yourself is no individual
Smash your skull to
Be part of a greater
We are all one
Big lie and you will

Figured I couldn't be away for too long so I wrote this poem that perfectly describes my  day, my life I mean


Sam Liu said...

A beautiful and haunting account of human existence, the words are very powerful...I loved the Orwellian "Doublethink" reference, it is very true that we of our lives in this perpetual state. Excellently written, Maha, as always.

JenniAsh said...

Lovely. :)
I love how you've used a single defining word at the beginning of each stanza, it gives a strange sense of structure to it... makes the act appear systematic? inevitable? omnipotent?
Je ne sais pas, I hope I make sense haha.

Dulce said...

Haunting, definitely. Yes and glad you could help it and come back. If this is your day, your life... it's an astonishing one.


Allie said...

I loved this! It was so simple but your words hold so much weight

Vencora said...

each time i read this, i hear the words differently.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sam. Hauntingly beautiful. I read it out loud and to me, this has a spoken word feel to it. Nice flow.

steveroni said...

You are GooooD, Girl! A "thinker" and you're able to communicate so perfectly. WOW! (Following are my own versions of your poem...your LIFE!)

Black-and-white vision distorts truth...so right you are.

The answers to everything are within--wherein also is that Power which creates and guides.

Listen to the Voice-of-the-Spirit, Who speaks to me only in my dreams, through others, and through the whisperings of nature.

As my hand is part of my body...I am individually a part of the greater ONE--or I wish to be.

A part OF instead of apart FROM..

I hope this was not too long, but I was so moved by your words. Thank you.

THE BEATY said...

Doublethink... love the newspeak use lol its doubleplusgood. Hope your exams went well...

Brian Miller said...

just dont delete yourself...we would miss you. smiles.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

This is so.....wow. I can't even describe it. The emotion, the haunting radiance...stunning. :)

Magpie said...

Beautifully done, Maha. Also glad you didn't stay away too long.
How are your tests going?

Dianne said...

See, and feel, and breath, during this poem that is all I could offer.

Mr. Stupid said...

Wow. This is so beautiful. I loved your poem very much!

Jingle said...

hang in there,
continue touching people's lives,
your words are powerful,
your input are valued and cherished..
thank you for being unique and special the way you are...

enjoyable poem,
skillfully written!

sheri... said...

maha, you've only been gone for days but it feels like months on my end :) i hope that your testing is going well? i found it amazing that you took the time to share your poem...i am supposing that your words will force themselves out of you whether you intend them to, or not! i so admire your offerings...

Sid said...

wow... very well written and quite deep...