Sunday, May 23, 2010

Her Eyes Were Green

   And it still marvels me love, when lies are spoken by your lips, they are as honest as truth is.
   One day you told me your secret. Ushering me to the heart of woods, when Earth still slept, you walked. Insomniac owls echoed our footsteps.  You sat me down on the shreds of broken branches. And then moved two lines of dead roses, your mouth speaking of your hidden depth.
   “When melancholy creeps between your ribs, you either wish for felicity to come or death to take you.”
“And what chose you?”
“Neither. I wish to not exist; for after this life there comes a life, and at the notion of again being alive, I flinch.”
“And can you not exist?”
“It hurt to be imprisoned by an existence in which you had no choice. But you can pretend. I feign life so when they look at me, you think you see a soul, while I am nothing but a ghost”
“So do tell me love, for hope when it’s all so hopeless kills, do you love me still?”
“And to you, what is love?”
“Love is when you talk in metaphors”
“Love is when you don’t talk at all”
“ Love is when a gravity pulls you towards a hole, and not knowing the grounds of it, you jump.”
“Love is when you regret falling, but have no strength to climb”
‘Love is when you are warm”
“Love is when you burn”
“Love is when you are freefalling”
“Love is when you lose the ability to choose”
“Love is when you forsake material”
“Love is when you walk, blindfolded, stumbling and hurting, for you can’t see material at all”
“Love is when you are born in parallel dimensions”
“Love is when you are dead on the grounds of truth”
“Plato said, ‘At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet’”
“And I say at the touch of love everyone becomes a slave”
“Love is a great magician”
“Love is a great tyrant”
You put my hands over your heart and whispered, “Can you carry it for me; it’s become so heavy I can’t breathe anymore”
So green and raw your eyes were. But now you walk, lids half closed,with the weight of  truth. 


margg. said...

so beautiful.

love is all of those things.

Vencora said...

incredible capture. it was like watching a short film, my favorite kind of film where people are giving their takes on something, views that ring so true to the viewers from both sides of the conversation.

Brian Miller said...

and i would willingly jump into that black hole to be a slave again. smiles.

happy sunday.

Allie said...

this was so powerful. love is both painful and beautiful, and i think you captured that very well.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Yay! You're back! Loved this!!

THE BEATY said...

wow that is a great piece also my magpie's up check it out

Sam Liu said...

Maha, I am in awe. This is the best piece of yours which I have ever read, it is so powerful, so poignant. It is the kind of story that moves one deeply, and remains alive long after the last line. The dialogue you have illustrated here is electric and utterly engaging, all the time contaminating a converse of the deepest philosophical understanding.

This is beautiful and brilliant. You truly are a writer of the highest degree.

Dulce said...

Girl! OMG How do you do this? So brillialtly. I love
*Love is when you are dead on the grounds of truth”“Plato said, ‘At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet’”“And I say at the touch of love everyone becomes a slave...*
Just because I agree...

Mr. Stupid said...

Wow. This is a beautiful and a really powerful piece. I truly enjoyed it, Maha.
Lovely writing.

Anonymous said...

This was seriously mesmerizing.

Anonymous said...

So deeply profound is the reflection of expression here one cannot formulate the right words to properly define the passionate intensity of your beautiful reverie. I will simply state that I stand truly in awe of this young poet.

PS: Thanks again for stopping by. I loved your "broken compass" answer. Very creative.

sheri... said...

oh, maha...the contrasts are so true, the pain of love is so real. wouldn't have suffered so much pain had it not been for love, nor would i have known the highest pleasures! you swim in a vast sea of words, gathering the best you find and stringing them together as precious pearls...this offering is exquisite!

Peter Stone said...

You've captured so many aspects of love, a solitary English word that fails so grandly in portraying all of its aspects.

Loved this line especially, “And I say at the touch of love everyone becomes a slave”

Cynthia said...

Oh your prose has stolen my breath.
I became so enraptured while reading this unique poem. I enjoyed
the gentleness of the two

Desert Rose said...

loved it ya maha..glad to have you back..:)

G-Man said...

Love is.

~ Tabitha ~ said...

What . a . beautiful . blog . .

Wild Rose said...

You have a beautiful blog and you write so well. Was nice to stop by. Love makes us everything and nothing!