Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Before traveling

I have to go and get dressed for I am traveling to Alex in 90 minutes (If Allah wills). In the past, when I heard the word 'traveling', I got butterflies in my stomach and got all exited for it, but now it leaves me completely unaffected as though it's nothing I heard, maybe because when mum says that we are 'traveling', it's always in a place inside the country.
You know, I wish I could get some wings and fly to another countries, but don't get me wrong, I don't wanna "live" in another country for i believe that one cannot be comfortable any where away from the place he was nurtured in, I simply wanna get the fun of it.
I want to have a dinner in the Eiffel tower ,wearing an incredibly beautiful night gown with star-like earrings . I want to visit venice where many of Shakespeare's plays took place. I want to go sight seeing in England, I believe some buildings in there look amazing as though they came from another world. I want to go to the desert and look at the night sky to see constellations with my naked eyes. I want to see the world's from its highest mountain so small beneath me. And now, I am going to Alex willing to have fun like i never had before. 

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Capture The Moments

Sometimes, I wish I could capture moments. They slip   through my fingers like water and then a memory is only left. There are cameras out there, I know, but they're not enough. If I take a photo of me standing in the rain, will I feel the droplets on my skin? Will I feel the coldness making me vulnerable? Will I feel the thrill of it wishing it would never stop?

A photo is a mere paper with cold shapes printed on and it's only getting worse and worse. You always see them advertising advanced cameras with high resolutions, but who the hell wants to see reality plain as it is?! I love the old cameras that captured photos in black and white then I'd paint the sky in lively blue, the clouds in innocent white and myself in dreamy rose.