Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Before traveling

I have to go and get dressed for I am traveling to Alex in 90 minutes (If Allah wills). In the past, when I heard the word 'traveling', I got butterflies in my stomach and got all exited for it, but now it leaves me completely unaffected as though it's nothing I heard, maybe because when mum says that we are 'traveling', it's always in a place inside the country.
You know, I wish I could get some wings and fly to another countries, but don't get me wrong, I don't wanna "live" in another country for i believe that one cannot be comfortable any where away from the place he was nurtured in, I simply wanna get the fun of it.
I want to have a dinner in the Eiffel tower ,wearing an incredibly beautiful night gown with star-like earrings . I want to visit venice where many of Shakespeare's plays took place. I want to go sight seeing in England, I believe some buildings in there look amazing as though they came from another world. I want to go to the desert and look at the night sky to see constellations with my naked eyes. I want to see the world's from its highest mountain so small beneath me. And now, I am going to Alex willing to have fun like i never had before. 

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