Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lighter Head

The boy at the cafeteria, he looks at me that extra bit longer. I tell him I want my coffee. He imitates what he thinks he normally is handing it to me with a pathetic smile that changes the moment I turn my back and then he starts staring again. The man at that far corner too, stares. And then, all of their eyes turn. Men look at me in a different way, I think, secretly smiling at myself, then fall into a seat.
    I spilled the coffee. Damn. I go to the bathroom to save what can be saved. I meet my reflection in the mirror, and out of the blue, I remember how I often amused myself imagining Brenda Thompson at high school bald. It made me laugh. I laugh now.. And, you are in there, at the top of my head. I laugh at you too, then laugh at myself. I laugh till the bits of my stomach hurt. I push myself against the wall and cry. You told I was nothing but something beautiful to look at. I take a second look at the mirror; I'm the same, just hairless.
Self-portrait with Cropped Hair by Frida Khalo
The Words above: "Mira que si te quise, fue por el pelo, Ahora que estas pelo ya no te quiero"
Translation:"look at what I loved you for, it was for your hair. Now that you are bald, I love you no longer"
Been a while since I last wrote a flash fiction


Brian Miller said...

for some reason i can not see the picture...will try again that is only skin deep is not love at all..

nice bit of fiction there maha....

Sam Liu said...

This is a brilliant story, Maha. You portray emotions so well, and so subtly, it really draws your reader into the world you have created. I8 have missed your wonderful writing, very glad to be back :)

sheri said...

i enjoyed reading this, picturing myself sitting amongst those who stared! seeing someone bald (whose head has been completely covered) must really be a shock...but fascinating as you realize what their head truly looked like!
your writing seems to have taken a lighter form and i enjoy have such talent and it's wonderful to see you use another venue with such ease!

Kaleidoscope Girl said...

An interesting take on beauty. :)

RA said...

A brilliant story on aspects of beauty. And the Kahlo painting crowned it. :)

Claudia said...

This is nice writing Maha - and I'm glad my husband didn't loved me for my hair - because it was long when we married and is as short as on your pic (can be only seen by clicking on it)
Glad you found my blog - and I for sure enjoy reading yours!
Have a great weekend!

dulce said...

Who knows?
Beauty is so inside, bald women are so beautiful as well (?)
The best thing ever said to me by an old friend of mine, when at school, was that she could imagine people without their hair and they all looked horrrible, except me. That's perhaps the most beautiful compliment I've ever had!

Susan Deborah said...

Lovely one.
I have always wanted to go bald but no one allows me to. Some day, I shall. Hopefully.

Good one.

Joy always,

Cynthia said...

This flash fiction was written
with a natural flow, delicate
and a little hesitant.

I can't see the picture. Frieda
Kahlo is a favorite of mine.

Eva said...

What defines beauty? And if what defines our beauty is taken away, what are we then?

You tackle those thoughts well.

vivek said...

HI Maha,

How are you ?

Nice story ..loved the coffee spill.
you are really @ your creative best ..

All the best..

take care

ks :)

Oddyoddyo13 said...

I love how your character laughs it off. :)

sheri said...

maha, i can't get your latest post to load!

THE BEATY said...

great short piece. the picture didn't show up for me so the end was a surprise for me.