Sunday, August 8, 2010

Waiting Hours

Beyond me
Beholding me
Three walls
And a  single door
Never shall be but closed
A brain
Your breaths
Your fidgets
Slowly time flows
As you are
And I am
Dissolving into air
The thoughts
Of words
Quickening your heart alone
As you sit
And I stand
From your heart
In mine
I hold the secret of it all
Oh , love now
Wind down
For nothing can hurt us
Not  anymore


Sam Liu said...

The rhythm of this poem is breathtaking, Maha. One is swept along with your words, suggesting the passion and the consuming beauty of love. Electric synergy and living imagery.

steveroni said...

I'll agree with Sam--he's got the words.

Want to add: MAHA as I read you, three happenings one might notice:
My head keeps nodding in understanding assent, the smile on my face speaks much to many, and the light in my eyes is simply a reflection of your own. These words are as honest as I can be....
Steve (steveroni, fiddlemn)

Alexys Fairfield said...

Hi Maha,

Beautifully written and full of stark emotion and vulnerability.

Well done.

Brian Miller said...

i agree with the me interpret...standing outside of one you loved or might have loved, or had the possibility to love and knowing it would not work and thus can not hurt you?

Magpie said...

Truly beautiful...

THE BEATY said...

I also agree with sam and magpie...

Oddyoddyo13 said...

This felt very separated-like parts of it were woven in with deeper meanings hinted at, but unspoken.

Paul C said...

Deep feeling here with yearning and hope.

dulce said...

I feel like flowing with and in these words... nothing can hurt us anymore...

Loved it

Eva said...

This twists and turns, every word in the perfect place. Sometimes we manage to reach that place where nothing can get to us again.

margg. said...

just, amazing.