Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hold The Rain

As I sit waiting,  I close my eyes and let the whishing  sound of leaves paint thoughts within my head similar to those I have at the eerie minutes before sleeping when reality and dreams mingle and you can’t tell if you are awake. I feel the dust beneath me curdling. Seconds later, the train arrives and it starts pouring. I open my eyes to see you smiling, “It’s time to go,” you say. I carry my bag with one hand and with the other, try to hold the rain. It always slips away.

I press my head against the window. The moon is a crescent….it’s smiling  at me. My breath falls on the glass and my eyes dart towards the seat before me where you are sleeping. I can see the air coming out of your nose. I draw a smiley face. With the sleeve of my jacket, I erase it and draw something else.

I hear your keys opening the door and  scurry to it. Panting, you enter. I let my arms circle around you. Noticing  how much weight you have lost I smile and say, “Finally, a diet has worked!” I feel an abrupt shiver running through your body. I look at your face and  see a smile, too wide… too peculiar for it. “Yeah,” you reply and start  whining about the heat. I don’t remember this until later.

The silence of your breaths still my lungs

 I enter the train. Through the window, I see the moon, smiling from last year. I want to change it into a grimace but it won’t go upside down. I sit on the empty seat before me, and it’s still smiling. Tears escape my eyes. I was too stupid, life was never  laughing with me, it was laughing at me. 

Happiness is the seconds you hold  the rain.


Claudia said...

wow Maha - great write - the pain of losing someone and wanna hold the rain. i think it's good we can't hold it, it's meant to flow - and not necessarily the way we would like to have it..

Anonymous said...


P.S - "how much weight you have lost?"
i will lost my life dear

Kaleidoscope Girl said...

'Happiness is the seconds you hold the rain.'

Brian Miller said...

mmm...nice write and claudia speeks truly as slips through our fingers leaving only a dmap impression...

dulce said...

Great write as always...Maha!
But hey i don't think life can laugh at us, unless we allow it, for that would only be our perception... holding the rain is a great image of how futile life might be, again according to one's perception of it...

megharana said...

nice write but i think happiness can'nt be just the seconds you hold the rain..
to love the changing seasons n rejoice them is the way to happiness :)

Sam Liu said...

One of the best of yours I've read, Maha. That last line is so beautifully poignant and solemnly true. The metaphysical depths to which your writing takes the reader are quite breathtaking.

Vatche said...

This was a beautiful and thought-provoking piece with strong imagery.

Don't ever think that life is laughing at you, Maha, because it is not. Life is something you should enjoy and have peace with. You should laugh with it, even if it won't laugh with you.

Sure, sometimes life can be hard, but you got to push through. Also, the image of holding the rain is very powerful, so write on!

THE BEATY said...

Impressive story. Had an awsome emotional wheight to it

steveroni said...

Maha, your short story(ies) display a depth of experiential understanding
which belie you actual age.

A great writer you shall be--ARE! I only can shake my head in wonderment
and sit back to enjoy the worlds you would have me envisioning, living, feeling through this connection of words.

I believe in truth you could take
me/us anywhere you decided, at any time, with a simple story.

We are really blest to have you among us at this time in you life--our lives.

"..and you say, "It's time to go."

steveroni said...

Sorry--I wanted to "follow" your comments on email.

margg. said...

oh wow.
this is so beautiful.

the last line, is magical.

steveroni said...

"You's time to go..." And I am ready, but not really.

Maha I suspect you are loving your craft, this great gift of communication. In that case one day, if not now already, you are great. And your greatness is in direct proportion to your writing acclaim versus your humility.

Certainly on track, what is still for your side is persistence...hard work. Only genius I know who had it easy was Mozart, and he died at age 32, so that was not easy after all.

I'm rambling, but I hate to leave the ambiance of this place of yours!


Anonymous said...

all the best dear

dianne said...

I love your stories, I have enjoyed this journey of words through your feelings and emotions. xoxo ♡