Saturday, August 28, 2010

There Were Never Any Rats

Trapped behind a window
Strewn on the dirty floor
My heart seeks  blankets
Of the sky’s velvet black

Yearning as they are
Beyond my tiny fingers
Beating underneath
The words unsaid
Their pulse now causes me
A daunting sore throat
That forces me to hold my breath
Halt then talk
And I don’t know  what they are
Nor can I call them a name
Beyond description?
Ambivalent thoughts

And they keep my windows closed
Afraid of the rats’ scratching
Seething as they see me
Breaking their precious laws
I hold my  protests
And then unleash them
Small pebbles
Breaking their mighty glass walls
And I’ll see them screaming
Secretly smiling
Until they come
And close the door

The day is impending
Still not scripted in my plans
When I’ll break my shields of silence
Pulverize their lands
Scatter them on the moon
And sing
“There were never any rats”


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Of Course, there have been no rats.
There have been thoughts, waiting to erupt and explode.

Kaleidoscope Girl said...

So many questions.
Your work is so tantalising.

Claudia said...

sometimes we tend to see rats where there are non - and it's so good if we can sing this song at the end..

dulce said...

Oh- i see cockroaches...
and see them in fact, but what hurt canthey make except that in my head!

Brian Miller said...

but i hear their scratching...or may be that is only in my mind..perhaps if i just pull up the blanket...nice write maha!

Kenya said...

Thanks for your comment. I really like the music you like! Xo

char said...

you write so beautifully, dear... i love this.
thank you so so much for your comment on my blog, it was the most encouraging thing... xx

steveroni said...


Maha, I've been reading the quotes--so appropriate here--by Mohammad but what is PBUH?
--signed: DUMMY!

Very VERY interesting. Going to copy, so I may read in other places.
Thank you!

Maha said...

it stands for "Peace Be Upon Him" Thank you very much for reading them, it means a lot to me.