Thursday, April 15, 2010

Theme Thursday: Because We Have Always Been Eating

     It is always about appearances, and sometimes nothing but appearances. We so perfectly carry on with our rituals, without a care in the world why. We always did that, that’s why. Yes that’s why. And maybe some other day –a day that has long sunk into the waves of time leaving those traces that we blindly follow - things actually had a reason.
      Your spoon is dug deep into your plate and you then move it to your mouth, swallow and have another spoonful. And I cannot help wondering, do you even know what you are drinking? But you are drinking it, because every Thursday for the past twelve years, you have always drunk it. Both of our lips move and our throats rumble because some vocal cords seem to be vibrating in there. People always talk while having their lunch, but I reckon that somewhere, we forgot the words and we drone on in our cacophony. As you sit there across the table, I marvel at the face of that stranger that you’ve become. Since when do you wear glasses? And what colour is your eyes? Oh wait…there’s a much better question: Why are we married? I know the answer of that one, simply because we have always been married.

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Allie gave me the Honest Scrap Award
Now I should say ten things about myself.
1-I hate school (naturally)
2-I don't like being around people.
3-I hate doing something without knowing why
4-I've been drinking Coffee since i was ten.
5-I hate shopping.
6- Okay, so enough with the things that I hate, now I have to figure out something that I actually like. I like....Science Fiction and Dystopian Fiction!
7-I love the sea in the night when everyone is asleep.
8-I have never travelled outside Egypt.
9-I have a proclivity towards frugality. Don't get it wrong, I just hate wasting money on stuff that are not worth it-aka not books.
10-I am done and that tells about me that I have nothing else to say.
Okay so now, I'll pass this award to six super-awesome bloggers:


Oddyoddyo13 said...

"long sunk into the waves of time"

I LOVED this Maha! And congrats on the award- you deserve it. (I can totally relate to 1-3.)

Magpie said...

"...I marvel at the face of that stranger that you've become."
So very true - going through life looking through people and not at them.

Sarah said...

I like your writing and your style.

Betsy said...

Very well written...makes you think, doesn't it?

Brian Miller said...

lord knows i have seen so many marriages sink to this...i am so glad you are learning this early, it will be helpful later in life...what to watch out for...

Allie said...

this was so good! i can definitely relate

Mama Zen said...

Marvelous, marvelous writing!

les jeune fille à les oiseaux said...

you live in Egypt? well, that's amazing! i am possiblymaybe going there next summer :)
and your post was amazing. is this true? it's always hard to tell when a post is fiction or fact, especially when the writing just flows like yours does.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Maha.

stairway to heaven said...

thank you SO MUCH Maha..i m a books addict,and coffee too..! i relate to your hates n likes as well..:) honored with your award..!

Maha said...

Nah, this one is a fictional. Not old enough to be married yet!

THE BEATY said...

totally agree. Books are aboput the only thing I spend money on

Allayne said...

wow. thankyou so much! :)

Katherine Jenkins said...

Beautiful writing. I often wonder why I do anything at all..from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed. Nice to find your blog here! If you have time, please stop by mine. It's called Lessons from the Monk I Married.