Friday, March 12, 2010

55-A Dying Mermaid

Beautiful Wails
But no one will know
No one will hear

Lost in the stream
The air
Shall carry them
 Far Faraway
But they don’t look
They just see

A mermaid’s screams
Drowned by the sea
Let her die there alone
With no one to care        
No one to know

Check Out G-Man


Brian Miller said...

ack. a mermaids screams...heartbreaking and cold...and no one to know. excellent 55.

mine is up!

Alan Burnett said...

Wonderfully done. You managed to tug on my emotions in just 55 words.

Peter Stone said...

No one hears, no one looks, no one cares or knows. Very bleak 55, stirs the emotions.

My 55 is School Lunch

The Muse said...

i want to launch my boat into the bleak sea...
and offer my aid to that aquatic creature...whose very soul cries in pain...!

Magpie said...

How tragic, but beautifully written.

Alice Audrey said...

So unfair! Where are the other mermaids?

Great 55. Mine is here.

Prayer Girl said...

Welcome to my blog. I appreciated your visit and your comment.

Kind of a sad 55 here, but very well written. I like it.


Alex said...

I don't like the sounds of a mermaid dying alone without anyone caring.

Kay said...

a lonely, sombering scream that is...wonderful 55

G-Man said...

Thanks for fixing the post because....
WOW girl!
Excellent 55 My Dear.
This poem just cries a mournful lament..
Please play again next Friday...Galen

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Beautiful. If a mermaid were to be described, this is the best way.

Susan said...

Wow! What an intensely sad 55. So much evoked in so few words! Thanks for visiting mine!

Cynthia said...

a beauty of a melancholy lryical poem. love!

Mona said...

Excellent 55ve Maha! Very thought provoking, visual and sensitive!

järnebrand said...

How sad... And cold... My emotions flowing after reading this. Vivid images. You got that much said using only 55 words. Well done!
Thank you for commenting on mine.
Peace and love/ Jo.

Tamarind~ said...

Poignant.. there’s pain in these lines!