Thursday, March 25, 2010

Theme Thursday: The Road Had No Signs

The road,
It has no signs
Trapped in a twilight
You walk
Shadow of a sun
Long gone

 When your lungs close in
Tell me
And I’ll breathe for you

My colors
They Dance
In your blankness
Oozing from
Unseen wounds
You try to fight
Find no strength
So you dance with them too

When your lungs close in
Tell me
And I’ll breathe for you

The words
You don’t know
It doesn’t matter
You’ll sing along
And I’ll sing with you

When your lungs close in
Tell me
And I’ll breathe for you

The sun
It shines
 “Our sign!”
I cry
On the ground
You falter
I scream
There comes no voice
I search
In your heart
No blood
It’s all in my veins
Embedded within me

My lungs  
They are closing in
Will you breathe
For me too?
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Magpie said...

"My colors they dance in your blankness"...that's lovely.
Very well done. Beautiful as always.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

You make me want to speak in poetry always its so beautiful.

Brian Miller said...


lovely verse...the last is a bit haunting or maybe just the anxiety of the answer...

Tracy said...

Such a beautiful poem. Happy TT!

PattiKen said...

Lovely, but a bit sad, too.

Ann said...

I won't like a road with no sign, last Sat, I went to a tramp, and missed the sign and ended in an un neccassary difficult climb. We had to back track.

So signs please.

Beyond Horizon said...

"Tell me
And I’ll breathe for you".......lovely.....touching :)

Dulce said...

If that is not love,then what is it?


California Girl said...

i'm claustrophobic aagghhh!

Kay said...

oh my! it's way are you 14! Love this!

Peter Stone said...

I like how one offers to breathe or the other, when the first one feels crushed, suffocated, unable to breathe. From anxiety, perhaps?
I know that feeling well...

järnebrand said...

"When your lungs close in
Tell me
And I’ll breathe for you"

That is so incredibly beautiful. It should be a song. :) Is it a song?

Very lovely indeed. Well done!

Maha said...

Some of the poems I write have lines that almost haunt me with a tone. I tend to repeat these lines so they seem like a chorus in a song and it seems like it shows.

THE BEATY said...

so awsome I also am glad to find another 14 year old

THE BEATY said...

hi my mom loves your taste in books heres a recommendation: the myth of you and me by leah isn't it

THE BEATY said...
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Tamarind~ said...

Wow.. the mutual feeling! It touched the depths!

dustus said...

Beautiful poem.

Nishant said...

hat's lovely.
Very well done. Beautiful as always.
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