Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Tape

The past
You buried
Clawing its way back
It will
Carving Future
And you’ll be trapped
In the Here and Now

Ominous Silence
Lurking beneath the surface
You are screaming
They’re squeezing
The life out of you

The seconds as they path
And between them intervals
You feel
Click ‘fast forward’
To more benign times
Or maybe “Rewind”
Then erase
And begin a new tape



Oddyoddyo13 said...

I could read this a thousand times and it wouldn't be enough.

Kimberly Franklin said...


Brian Miller said...

wow. great piece. sometimes a new tape may be just what we need...

vivek said...

Wow thats amazing .. superb.

P.S : Do visit back if you got time ..So go green n interact with nature .. he he Don't get confused ..its my new Theme made by me

deppy said...

I just wish "erasing" was an option, cause it do nothing but pursuing and haunting!

Alex said...

I still can't believe you're 14

Expression of the mind said...

You are going to stand out; easily and remarkably. A great writer with absolutely staggering mental potentials. Spectacular mental images and a very elite choice of words

Margie said...

Thanks for your visit and follow!
So nice to be here reading your poetry.
It's very good, Maha.

Margie :)

Kay said...

If only...we could direct our lives, but wait! Can't we??? sigh...nah, not possible to 'CUT!' and do over... the beauty of an unscripted life, I suppose.

Susan said...

I absolutely love the last part of this piece. fast forword or rewind..oh to have that power!

Paula said...

So very poerful and beautiful... "fast fowrad" I love this.What a deep and wise soul you have.