Thursday, March 11, 2010

Theme Thursday: Hats

Wasted tears
Touches your face
As you draw my own
In the clouds

Watch you
Watching me
Within your heart

Wind blows
And we're standing
Separate windows
The same star
In the distance

Under a million hats
And more names
The proud
The introvert
The cheerful
The sweet
Only you can see
Right into me

In place and time
Or maybe beyond them
As we rummage
The messes of our lives
we make mistakes
And rectify
The more wrong paths
The more we know
We're getting closer
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Brian Miller said...

very nice maha...i felt sadness...distance...

The Muse said...

as Brian states...there is sadness.
it echoes in the wind...and blows over the reader...softly, ever so softly.

Magpie said...

Yes, sadness, but hope too.


Ian said...

Very nice

Wine and Words said...

"The more wrong paths, the more we know." Therein lies the hope of being an endless screw-up. And of the flesh, and here virtually...those friendships help us with that "rummage" of the messes and somehow the pieces sort themselves out.

Margie said...

I also feel the sadness in this poem but it's very good!
I really enjoyed it.

Margie :)

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Wow. So beautiful.

dianne said...

So very beautiful Maha ... ♡

g-man said...

A Friday Flash 55 is a a story with a Central Character, a plot, and EXACTLY 55 words!
Try this again....

BTW...Your Poem was GREAT!

Thanks for visiting...Galen

Craftsman of light said...

So many sighs, falling breath, falling words....but if it gets you closer, then everything is worth it, is'nt it!