Monday, October 19, 2009

The Bridge

 There's a bridge that lies not-so-far-away from my school. Though there's nothing extraordinary about it, I really love it. My eyes often find pleasure in wandering off to it in boring classes to trace every passing car and truck. I wonder if i ever rode in one of these cars or if I'll ever will. I wonder if my future can be related to one of these car riders and he's been passing in front of my very eyes for so long without me knowing it. I wonder if one of the coke cans the trucks are carrying will wind up in my hands. I wonder if someone in this big world is having the same thoughts as mine at this very moment, and that's very  probable. On our Earth, billions live, and it only makes sense that the thoughts of two people can meet in one second in time. Since me and this person's thoughts met, then maybe somehow we are related, maybe If I concentrate very well, I'll be able to perpetrate his mind. I try to draw his features, know what his family is like, who are the people he hangs out with, what kind of food he likes the most, the music he listens to,  his favorite type of.....Vague voices mingle with my thoughts, they are becoming clearer and clearer. The real world is trying to swallow me up and I'm too weak to fight. I look at the teacher sheepishly and ask him to repeat the question again.


                              photos source: Audrey Hepbern Complex                        


Jess said...

I am in love with your blog!

Maha said...

Oh My Gosh, I really love your blog too, actually, your blog inspired me to start blogging!

Ju said...

Hi Maha I can't beleive you're only 14?
How girls learn to write so well at such an early age?
Also, is English your first language?
Keep going, very cool blog.

Maha said...

Hi Ju, i AM 14, I read English Literature on a daily basis and that's why I write well, and my first Language is not English, it's Arabic, one more thing, your two daughters are adorable!