Friday, October 2, 2009

I *heart* Black

I look at the dark sea and the night sky, mingling together to form this big lot of blackness. It's beautiful, that's all I can say.
I love black, and one of the reasons of me being a night person is the amount of darkness that come with it, and no, I don't love black because it's considered the "coolest" teenagers' trend , and I certainly don't love Black because I'm an emo, God Forbids. I loved black before this all, and till this very moment, I still love it for what I believe it stands up for.
When I was young, I was all alone. In the break, I wandered by myself, contemplating the best friends and the gangs, wishing I were part of them. when we went up to the class, I was always the one sitting by the empty chair and what I hated the most is that, unlike now, this loneliness was not on my terms, it was not my choice to stay always alone. In fact, I believe that all these years of solitude has made a withdrawn person outta me, yet nobody has EVER seen me like this.  In their eyes, I'm a friendly, sociable person. Yes, I can start a conversation, I can do some inquiries, I may even make some friends, but my favorite part of the day remains the night, when I'm all by myself. Back then, I believed that people judged me by what was apparent and never bothered to look deeper than that, and I also believed -and still believe-, that black is like me, too beautiful, only if you look too deep. 

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