Monday, October 12, 2009

My Old Diary

I don't seem to be able to stop reading my old diary, the one I wrote a year and a half ago. It's amazing how words can make you relive things that had long been gone, feelings that took over your heart, and thoughts you had no control over.
While reading my diary, I recollect everything about what I wrote, I recollect where I was sitting while writing it, how my mood was like, and most of all, the person I used to be. THe past two years have been a roller coaster of changes in my own personality. First, I didn't believe in love, then I became a hopeless romantic, and now, I'm standing somewhere in between. I wanted to become a teacher, then a writer, then a journalist, and now, I wanna enter Law School and become a part-time writer, but that's not settled yet. What I see as the best and most positive change, is turning from a girl with no hopes for she always believed the world to be unjust, to a teenager who fears not  dreaming.  

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