Friday, October 16, 2009

Possessive Thoughts

These are my thoughts, rambling in my mind and should have absolute control over them, but what's happening is quite the opposite, they are taking over me.
I endeavor  to concentrate on studying, only to fail in my every trial. My mind seems to run away of everything not appealing to it, and, somehow, my legs follow and I wind up standing in another room. After a good five or ten minutes, I start to wonder what brought me here in the first place. I recollect the memories of the time when I was controlling myself to discover that the last thing I did was studying, and without any apparent reason, I stood up and took a walk to end up here.
If these thoughts were about something in particular, I would find it easy to control them, it even happens all the time and I simply take a pencil and  paper to write about it. But they are absolutely unrelated and horrifically fast in changing. It's like listening to twenty very loud songs, all at the same time, and each and every one of them is compelling you to dance to it, and the on thing you want to do is completely different. Now, can you imagine how I'm feeling?  


Nahla said...

hey maha !!
thank you for following my blog !!
i really like ur's too !! and ur style in writing is gr8 :) !!

Maha said...

oh, thanks, that's so sweet of you!

Poiler Knostic said...

I like your blog..Sometimes I feel the same with racing thoughts. Maybe you might want to check up on a paradigm or exemplar to clear things up. Something will stablize you thoughts better, though maybe it is just your creativity. Dance with the spirits!!