Sunday, October 4, 2009

Don't wanna sleep

So here I am ,  desperately trying not to close my eyelids and sleep, and I've got not the slightest idea why, maybe I''m just too obstinate to acknowledge the fact that tonight, of all nights, I MUST sleep soundly for tomorrow is my very first day, in my absolutely new school. Ok, so here's the deal I'll finish typing this post and go to bed.

I'll not talk about my fears of the whole new school thing, because that's the one thing I'm trying not to think of and since this post is absolutely random, I'll simply jump in to an extremely irrelevant subject to write about, and that's Twilight.

Three or four days ago I went to the bookstore to buy a Cecelia Ahern novel, and you can say that it was nowhere in there, and i was in a real hurry, so I grabbed a black book to find out it was the much-talked-about Twilight. I paid for it and left. All the way back home, my head was full of remorse and regret for buying it, that I decided, the moment I get back home, to put it on the shelf and read anything else I had. I've got a habit of reading the first 50 pages from any book I buy, and I wasn't that angry with the book to abandon that habit. On reading it, I had a mixed feelings of astonishment and mesmerization. I always thought that Twilight was some sorta silly novel that discussed a stupid relationship and I never even bothered to google it. But the novel proved me wrong. The first thing that I focus on during reading, is the style, and Twilight didn't let me down, I could feel the cold, wet, rainy weather of Forks with every word. i can't say that i could relate to Bella, except of course for the part of her moving to another school (pleaaaaaaaase try not to remember), but, and sorry if i sound silly because I know I will, I LOVE Edward Cullen! Here's the thing , if I ever get in to a relationship, I'd make sure that this person is nothing like Edward (I know I contradicted myself just there). I won't deny that mysterious guys, like Edward, can be so irresistibly attractive, but they are certainly not the type any girl could be committed to. To demonstrate what I mean, I'll say a simple example of the man reading his newspaper saying as few words as possible, and his wife is vacuum cleaning, begging him to say anything about anything. I think I made it clear. Since I loved Twilight that much, who knows, may be Jonas Brothers are not that bad.

I'm searching for any other random thing to write about but my head seems to be full of nothing but the continuous demand of turning off the computer and going to bed. I guess I'll obey it this time. 



Intuition. said...

I want to marry a clone of twilight's Edward and medium's Joe dubois and silence of the lambs's hannibal lecter,
reasons discussed later...=D
hope you had tons of fun at your new school x

Maha said...

as for me, my prince charming would be a combination of Landon Carton, Mr.Darcy, Jack Dowson and of course Edward Cullen, but I don't think that there is a guy like that, so I better go and have day dreams about him!