Friday, January 1, 2010

To You My Love

I stood there against the mightiest storm

I'd known how to find myself a shelter

A thousand times I felt my soul torn

But never once did I surrender

I was always a hard stone

And owned a heart even stronger


But now I don't know what happened to me

I feel so weak when you are around

I'm restrained so set me free

I don't how to burst your bound


Speechless I am when your eyes meet mine

  I'm even timider when you speak 

None of a word I can find

It's only your love I seek


And when I see you with her

To my heart, a thousand knives are driven

I want to be there

With you, faraway in heaven


If only you knew

What lies in my heart so deep

The torture I've been through

Or felt the tears I always weep


If only you could feel

How much my love for you is great

How much I want you to be near

And hear what by words can never be said


I wish I could stop the time

This moment we are together

Just forget the world

And let my love last forever




dianne said...

Absolutely beautiful, so much passion!! ♡

Expression of the mind said...

Indiscribable, well written, and truly touching. I loved it. I depicted an imaginative scenery that evoked emotional memorable times.

You are an amazing writer; staggeringly talented masha-allah.

Craftsman of light said...

poems like this makes me drown willingly....not once but a thousand times.
My own knives starts bleeding, and insted of drops of blood and tears, words fall like petals, the the wind carries them away!

Beautiful poem Maha!

Lots of creativity for the new year, and hope you 'll show me how an egyptian girl could tell me the stories hidden in the waters of the Nile.

A beautiful2010 to you and your family


Khulud Khamis said...

at once beautiful, touching and sad.

Maha said...

cOmments like this make me smile :)