Friday, November 20, 2009

New Eyes

P.S. This article was originally written for a magazine, but to me it's more than that, it's the way i  see life

 A truth no one shall ever deny is that problems are something nobody is immune against. The one thing that may differ from a person to another is the way he deals with them. Some may cry their hearts out, sitting in a dark corner and filling their heads with remorse and regret for what's already gone, completely neglecting the fact that we can never turn back the hands of time to set  things right. Some are very practical so they go on endeavoring to fix what can be fixed, and others just run away from their problems by avoiding thinking of them.


In those three cases we do experience the bitterness of sorrow and grief though the intensity may differ, yet we all experience them. If we look for the reason why, we will find it's in ourselves. We either make ourselves happy or miserable; the amount of the work is the same. So here we could identify the problem and found the cause the only thing missing is the solution.


We must look at things with new eyes and see beyond what's visible. To make what I mean clear let's have an example. Suppose you are the most popular girl/boy at school, you have tons of friends whom you love and care for the most and then, out of the blue you find yourself obliged to move to a new school in a new town and lose all your friends, what would be your reaction? I am quite sure that even in your imagination you find yourself angry, outraged and completely furious. Now let's take a look at your life in school has the moving decision never been taken.  It's the beginning of the year, as usual all the eyes are directed towards you, you are still so popular and still so loved.  but then a much more charismatic girl/boy comes to your school and you find yourself completely abandoned by those whom you once thought were your best friends. Moreover, as a former popular kid the new one who has taken your place does his best trying to make you hated by everyone as to destroy every possible chance that  you might gain your place again. Having to go to school would be a nightmare that you have to go through every single day to that you wish from the bottom of your heart you could move to a new school!


What you saw as a curse one day now turned out to be the best thing. In the first case you are confronted with the change with out knowing what is to happen to you if you stay, thus you feel that it's a very bad decision as you think that happiness you have now is ever lasting. That is because you always look at things which lie right in front of you. You bear this inner belief that what you don't have is always the best but As a matter of fact what God chooses really is the best. His wisdom is not to be understood by any of us ignorant human beings for it's way too hard for any mind to conceive. The only one thing that we can do is to have absolute faith in that and look at things with brand new eyes. Don't see what you face of troubles in your life as enemies that to hinder you from achieving what you want, they aim, but see them as disguised gifts. I have a certain belief that on first born we are like pieces of iron found in nature with no definite shape. It's what we go through from hard experiences that   form us and make us the people we are. As they say: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.   










Kay said... true that last line. I think in life we just need to get to know ourselves, so that we may better understand our emotions/actions/reactions, to grow to learn when to take a 'breather' and when to tredge on. Your first lines capture that as well.

Escapist said...

Perfectly true :-)

Craftsman of light said...

Maha....thankyou for your visit, i love the maturity with which you write, i m impressed by your wisdom. i think i'm going to be here quite often to read your wise words and reflections.

Kepp this beautiful mind of your drinking from the wonderful fountain of life.

Maha said...

I'm flattered!

sarah said...

someone in authority used to tell me all the time, what doesn't kill you will make you stronger and you will cut off your nose to spite your face. I hated those words. I never even understood them. I do now. Good post. Sarah

Maha said...

I'm glad it helped you!