Friday, November 20, 2009

My very first award!

Ok, so today I was checking my blog and I found out that I'd won an award! What made quite special that this was my very first award and i would like to thank God for it.
Now i'm supposed to nominate seven other bloggers. The choice was not hard, I already had them in mind

I've been reading this blog long before I started blogging myself and all I can say is that it's truly beautiful.
The first time I checked this blog, I was literally mesmerized. The poems are so deep and touching.
I really like the blogs where the daily life of people is told, they are not my favorites though. This blog is one of the few exceptions. Maia and Lara are the sweetest girls I've ever seen!
An Egyptian rebellion exposed!
I really believe that so much effort is put into this blog.
The style is amazing!!
I'm pretty sure this is like the millionth award for this blog to win, but I just couldn't help it, I really love it!!

That's it! Congratulations everybody! Now you should copy the award to your blog and nominate seven other bloggers.
Special thanks to Lauren for giving me this awesome award and for my favorite follower  Nahla for her comments and continuous encouragement, I really appreciate it.


Nahla said...

OMG!! this is the sweetest thing i have ever read !! thank you maha . you made my day !! i love ur blog a lot and u deserve the best :)

Maha said...

you're welcome sweetie, have a nice day!!

Kay said...

uhhhh....i don't know if the last comment I posted went through, so I will repeat (sorry if it goes through twice)

Congratulations on your first blog award, you definately deserve it! And thank you for passing it along to me, I will post a link on my site and maybe one day will be able to follow the rest of the rules ;)

Anonymous said...

Needless to say, you're amazingly skilled and talented. I grew fond of your well-structured blog eversince i come across it.

I personally thank you for posting my link and being highly supportive; it means a lot:).

Innovative, immensely skilled, distinct, and truly interesting:). I am glad i had the chance to read your enjoyably expressive thoughts:).

Expression of the mind said...


Again, thank you :).

Nada said...

Whoa!I haven't even reached my 5th post yet and you were behind my first award already. Was such a pleasant surprise, thank you very much and keep blogging!

Maha said...

Thank you all!
Nada, i don't judge by the quantity but by the quality and I found your blog really interesting :D