Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ghost of the Dawn

I don't wanna go and waste my time fighting in a losing battle. I know that the language of feelings can never be interpreted or translated, so why am I trying  so hard to put into words?  it's just so overwhelming, so beautiful that I find myself tongue-tied. I'll simply go, close my eyes and hold on to it for as long as possible. I'll store it somewhere in my heart where what it remains, a mere memory. A memory that is a pale version of a colorful drawing, but at least it will be easier for me to get a grip on it. Not the opposite.

Memories....they are my greatest pleasures, my greatest sufferings. Sometimes, I find my legs running as fast as my energy allows, escaping the pain of a memory that its wound has yet to heal. Sometimes, they pass before my eyes like flashes of light. But a bullet can be fast as well. Sometimes, I'm the one who chases them, with the wish of having the ability of turning be the hands of time in my heart.

One day, I'll be a memory too.

I'll sure be remembered for a while. But for how long?  A year, two? Will my memory, the only remaining part of me, be lost in the mists of time? Will i be like the moon in the dawn? So radiate and beautiful in its night hours and then the sun shines and it becomes a mere ghost of what it once was. Will I be a ghost? Or worse, will I be forgotten? 



Expression of the mind said...

Simply beautiful:) I really did enjoy reading it:). Expressed with talent and sheer innovation.

Thank you for sharing your valuable expressions. Looking forward to rearding more of your beautifully written articles:).

Maha said...

Oh, thank you!
i'm really happy you liked it ;)

Nahla said...

oh i love it too
like always :)
yeah its the same for me memories r so gr8 :)
i have similar post about memories
maha really i love ur all ur posts so much <3

Kay said...

Love those last two to ponder on, for sure! I think the fear of being forgotten to be a common one...

Tabitha Bird said...

Thanks for jumping over to check out my blog. I came over to follow yours. I love this post. Great questions. Memories are both blessing and curse. But are we human without them? Hmmm... and are we forgotten if no living soul remembers us? Hmmm...

Thanks for the thoughts:)

Sherry Dale Rogers said...

Beautiful my gemini friend...maybe you will be like the wind whispering in the silent night...calling out to those you once knew and you will whisper "Remember"

You might want to check out my Flash Fiction under my labels, I wrote a short fiction about not forgetting memories. It is called "Don't Forget" I would love for you to read.

Many Blessing and a warm weekend.

Nico said...

Memories are what we make them! I find it true that people end up being memories in the end, but it doesn't stop there. Memories can impact people too!

BTW, I gave you an award on my blog!

Craftsman of light said...

" Will i be a moon in the dawn ".....No Maha, you 'll be even more lovelier than that!
You writings have depth and sincerity!
i love it!
keep going Maha!
Watch how memory flowers!Especially the perfumed ones!


Maha said...

Thanks Nahla, Kay and Tab. Sherry, I loved youe comment!!
Nico, thanks very much for the award!!
COL, I am literally flattered!!

Nada said...

your new blog title has one of my favorite words. And your new blog list has pretty much made my day, so I have to thank you for that!

Keep writing,