Friday, June 11, 2010

Free of Thought

I hear the rhythm                                
Of your heartbeats
Eerie whispers
Those won’t but stay
And I pray I pray
That you shall fade
But still
I hold on

I line you now
Within my head
And write you
A thousand words
You will never read
But still
I see your eyes
Devouring yourself
Through my own

I touched you once
And wept forever
Condemned you then
To be a dream
But still
You are 
Too real for surreality 


Brian Miller said...

a desire so stron you wish to be released from it, yet cling...maha, you have such a brilliant way with know this but...

margg. said...


that's all.

Anonymous said...


And very well expressed.

Magpie said...

Painfully beautiful.

Kay said...

"I touched you once
and wept forever"

...sigh... so powerful.

Anonymous said...

I feel the bittersweet sadness here. The last stanza resonates a solemn finality. "I touched you once and wept forever. Condemned you then to be a dream..." What lovely poetic expression.

The Turning Point said...

touched me....a desire so strong you wish to be released from it, yet cling...



Sam Liu said...

A beautiful, passionate and eternally heartfelt poem, Maha. Oh the intoxicating insanity that is love, it does indeed inspire such yearning.

bard said...

Beautiful... just beautiful.

THE BEATY said...

painful yet intriging great style

Sid said...

really really impressive

loved it..

Oddyoddyo13 said...

This was breathtaking-especially the last stanza.

Maha, truly, it was genius. :)

Tamarind~ said...

So Poignant! The words linger.

sheri... said...

maha, your words cover me, changing me as i sit and try to fathom how your eves see what they see while my own vision is so limited?

joanny said...

I love Sam's take on your poem -"intoxicating insanity that is love,"

You captured it so well -- my heartstrings are vibrating with your words remembering the lost love of mine own.....


Felicitas said...

Beautiful and strong! Love does crazy things to us, as you've so eloquently expressed.

Jingle said...

strong force in you,
it is obvious!

Elisabeth said...

And you are only 15? Perhaps it's ageist pf me to mention this but I am astonished at the power of your words for one so young.

Lena said...

Amazingly poignant. Love the way you expressed it. No words would justify the beauty of the poem.


Jingle said...

award notice,
3 of them!