Friday, April 22, 2011

Scene Zero

Behind a screen
Of red green blue
She is entrapped
And breaks
As luster abandons
Her eyes once so luminous

And before him
She stands
In a white paper
Suffused with her
Painted in
Colors quite different

Between never and forever
Both dance
And tear off the heavy
Garments of now
But the curtain has
To eventually fall
And instead of the end
It’s written  
That to love
There is no moral lesson


Dulce said...

You WRITE Maha, you do in capitals.
Bo morals in love- of course.

Amazing piece

Dulce said...

I meant NO morals...

Brian Miller said...

dance...and dance well beyond the now...great to see you maha...

steveroni said...

Dear Maha.

What Muse
Do you use
What Muse
Have you freed
So to feed
The hungry

You are one who I believe IS the Muse! It is in you, it is YOU, it is your nature. How blest you are with this talent, these gifts of insight and expression.

And how blessed are WE who are...yes, privileged to share in your thoughts, imaginations. Thank you, thank you.

Knee said...

Between never and forever
Both dance
That's beautiful! You give so much life to your lines. Your words sound so different, I guess you really know how to pen your feelings. Masha'allah =)

Shine on girl!

Lu Ann said...

Wow. Never saw that final line coming... it amazed me. Is there any moral at all? Is it true?
A lot of questions and situations ran across my mind, so thank you :) You gave me something pleasant to think about!

Steve E said...

Maha, I borrowed your "between never and forever" to use in my header words (changed every few days) as "before never, and after forever"...hope you do not mind. I did not link you to that.

I'd never EVER wish to alienate your blog-friendship!